Bringing Colour and Life to Black and White Photos

A Different Universe

Colorizing Photos With AI

export DL_API_KEY=<your-deep-ai-key>
python3 /path/to/images

My Family Photos

My mother holding my brother in early ’90s Kherson, Ukraine. Courtesy of the Kuznetsov family.
Now in colour.
My grandmother, Allarkadina, likely sometime in the ’50s, on her way to university. She graduated from multiple institutes, specializing in electrical engineering, and had a successful career as a marine electrical engineer.
In colour.

Looks so nice and alive.

Photos From the Vietnam War

Destruction of the jungle wrought by Agent Orange.
In colour.
Locals inspecting a downed American aircraft piloted by Lt. Stephen Owen Musselman. The pilot did not survive- war is hell.
In colour.

Response on Hacker News

Too bad about the [flagged] comment, because it raised an interesting point. The comment read something like ‘Please don’t do this.’


A white Golden Gate? It was white- but not when this picture was taken.
The model can’t tell that the ground is asphalt and not grass.
I don’t think clothes in the past were as often as purple as this model makes it out to be.

Ethical Considerations

Cambodia has called on US media group Vice to withdraw an article that featured newly-colourised photographs of victims of the Khmer Rouge, saying the images are an insult to the dead because some had been altered to add smiles.

We differentiate colorized photos from those photographed originally in color using a special embossed palette symbol in the bottom left corner of colorized photos. While highly realistic, colorized photos have colors that are simulated by automatic algorithms and these colors may not be identical to the real-life colors of the original image. The palette icon appears on all colorized photos so that users can tell them apart from photos that have real colors. We hope that this responsible practice will be adopted by others who use photo colorization technology. Photos that have undergone color restoration do not have an icon because those colors are authentic.



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